Best Cobra Radar Detectors – Features & Reviews

When driving, there is a likelihood for everyone to exceed the normal speed limit every time while on the wheel. The fear of getting caught and fined by traffic agencies begins to set in. Is there any better way of reducing your chances of getting legal punishment and fines than using the Cobra radar detector? Anyways, this is radar detector reviews discuss in details the types of Cobra radar detector that worth the price, efficient, and have great features that you’ll enjoy.

Most of the available vehicles in the market uses speed detector making it pretty easy to face legal punishments and costly fines the moment you’re found over speeding. Now, the question is why would you be caught or fined when there is always a Cobra radar detector available to alert you?

When talking about the best radar detectors in the market, Cobra radar detector is a big name among the best radar detectors. It comes with great features that you’ll love, and most of the Cobra radar detector provides 360-degree detection. Just a flashback before radar detector began to emerge; anyone found over speeding is questioned and legally fined. When the use of radar detector emerges in the market, everyone started using these detectors purposely to avoid being penalized and drive at their free speed.

Therefore, if you’re really on a look out for the best radar detector in the market, the Cobra radar detector is really an excellent choice for you. In these radar detector reviews, we shall also show you features that an excellent radar detector must have, and the reasons why Cobra radar detector can be the best radar detector designed for your modern vehicles.

Choosing The Best Radar Detector

Check its sensitivity or radar range. The first step in considering if a radar detector is suitable and excellent for you is actually to check the radar range or sensitivity of the detector. An excellent detector will always provide opportunities to slow down. It is important to understand that not all the radar detectors in the market can actually provide you with the best range, and not all of them can function well in certain surroundings.

A very good instance is, a detector may not be able to detect police radar hidden somewhere on top of a hill, and this is the more reason why it is of necessity to inquire about the radar detector you want to buy first. There are several of them that are not environmentally based, so don’t hesitate to ask about various cobra radar detectors available in the market, as it helps you to buy what suits you exactly.

Secondly, it is important to consider the false alert of the device. Please understand that some of the other frequencies usually mimic police radars and security system emission. To reduce the number of fake alerts, ensure you find a get a radar detector that has city mode as this lowers the sensitivity of the device.

Besides, you also need to consider buying a radar detector that has different tones of alert.

In the following paragraph, we shall briefly discuss the radar detector reviews for cobra radar detector as it is known to be one of the best radar detectors in the market.

#1 Cobra Electronics DSP 9200 BT Radar Detector

Cobra Electronics DSP9200BT Radar DetectorThis is the first computerized radar detector from the manufacturer which comes with an excellent framework and latest features. Digital Signal Processing radar detector comes with powerful microchips for analyzing incoming signals. It can be connected to the iRadar App for easy communication between drivers.

Cobra DSP 9200 radar detector comes with an improved range and sensitivity for picking up about 5 to 0 from many blocks on different band frequencies. With a compelling graph displayed on the screen, it indicates the level of the radar detector signal strength.

Cobra DSP 9200 BT Radar Detector 

Cobra DSP 9200 radar detector comes with an improved range and sensitivity for picking up about 5 to 0 from many blocks on different band frequencies. With a compelling graph displayed on the screen, it indicates the level of the radar detector signal strength.

It has three different modes which are Highway modes, City modes, and City max modes primarily for reducing false alerts.The highway mode is the most sensitive type of mode, while the city mode usually ignores X-band signals and City max gives the maximum filtrations needed.

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#2 Cobra Electronics SPX 7800 BT Radar Detector

This type of radar detector comes with Bluetooth and a powerful color display for reading alerts easily with about 15 band detections. These are impressive band detectors using laser radar and safety systems. In addition to this, it uses seven radar signals of which three of them are Radar Detector Detector (RDDs).


cobra-electronics-spx-7800bt-radar-detector-amazonCobra SPX 7800 BT uses iRadar App for easy communication with other drivers or users about various threats. It works with Smartphone using the Bluetooth enabled capacity and threat sharing application.

This radar detector is an accurate and sensitive type of radar detector but lacks GPS capabilities. Although the device sometimes provides GPS feature, they are dependent on the GPS capabilities of the phone connected with. It has a Cobra display, excellent performance, and unique features.

#3 Cobra XRS 9370 High-Performance Radar Detector

It has a wide range of alert and uses 14 bands with the ultra POP mode used by radar guns and also has KU bands which are used in some parts of Europe. Cobra XRS 9370 high-performance radar detector has the capacity to hide from RDDs. This radar detector has a signal number from 1 to 5 using alert in a letter-form code and has different features that warn drivers of about emergency and possible nearby hazard.


buy best radar detector nowThis radar detector uses two modes which are highway mode and city modes. It is an exceptional radar detector that is cost savvy with the ability to detect ranges of bands. Apart from the fact that it is cheaper than other types in the market, it is also sensitive and gives safety alarm to the driver.

The only issue with this radar detector is the fact that is not GPS enabled.

#4 Cobra Electronics iRAD 900 iRadar Atom Radar Detector

This type of Cobra radar detector helps to give street information to avoid possible traps and risks. It has a powerful detection ability to detect police radar guns. It is user-friendly and can be used on all Smartphone and iOS phones. Cobra Electronics IRAD 9000 Atom gives 360-degree protection and alerts the driver of any speed trap. It uses four different modes of which each of the modes has their functions, sensitivities, and control.

cobra-electronics-irad-900-iradar-atom-radar-detectorIt comes with a customizable mute button and highly recommended radar detector suitable for drivers who wish to keep their speed in check and avoid unnecessary legal speeding tickets and punishments. Cobra iRAD 900 uses iRadar App to make the device function as a powerful tool for detecting road hazard and speed traps ahead of time.

It is pretty portable and can work with cell phones and iRadar App. It can also be connected to iRadar Atom detector through Bluetooth for programming the iRadar setting.


The listed cobra radar detectors are best radar detectors for their prices. They have different modern, unique features that save you from costly fines while over speeding. Cobra Radar Detectors are portable devices and very efficient radar detectors. And lastly, it is imperative you choose one of the Cobra radar detector reviews for effective functions and protection features.

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