Best Escort Radar Detectors – Features & Reviews

A radar detector is a necessary device that will help you in detecting over speeding law enforcement officers and police radars in determining the speed of the driver. Radar Detector device is not legally allowed everywhere that you can flaunt around. However, radar detector will help you to make a significant over speed track to achieve the best satisfaction for driving a car.

However, there are lots of radar detector devices available in the market with different brands, models, designs, and prices. Anyways, the most affordable and best radar detector is Escort Radar Detector. Check these best radar detector reviews when you buy, it is imperative you pay lots of attention to some vital information to achieve the best deal of your radar detector. We shall briefly be looking at the features and functions of the best radar detectors in the market from this radar detector reviews.

Firstly, determine the type of Escort radar detector you want to purchase. The reason why this is important is that there are a lot of radar detectors produced under Escort radar detectors having some different functions in their features. To understand what you’re opting for from the available list of best radar detectors from escort brand name, you need to make this radar detector review handy so that you can get the best specification, series, and efficiency of each of the detectors.

In the actual sense, Escort radar detector is a well-known reputed manufacturer of the best radar detectors with the highest degree of customer service satisfaction in meeting the demand of their customers and providing high-quality radar detectors with warranty.

When you are ready to purchase your Escort radar detector, you may necessarily need to check online stores like Amazon and some other local stores to choose from the different available models of radar detectors with different rates and designs. Ensure you get an efficiently working Escort radar detector that can comfortably fit into your budget although the price of each Escort radar detector you choose is based on the models that you want to buy.

Therefore, if you need a radar detector device that has a comfortable price with great features, then you can always opt for Escort Passport Max2 Radar Detector. As loaded as it is detector is, it is pretty affordable and easy to use for everyone.

#1 Escort MAX 360 Radar Detector

escort-max-360-radar-detector-amazonEscort Max 360 is known to be the best radar detector so far. Although it is an expensive type of Escort radar detector, yet, it has great features that worth even more than the price.

Escort radar detector is loaded with friendly and modern features that make it convenient to use. Escort Max 360 is a very powerful radar detector that can never fail you in detecting radar guns and performing its functions efficiently.
Escort Max 360 - Best Radar DetectorIt is known as the first Escort radar detector to have rear radar. It uses GPS for identifying the location and positions of fake alerts in your area. When placed on expert mode, it can give up to 9 threats with the help of radar bands and produce the signal strength of each of them. It has the best radar detection ability, double antennas, powerful Smartphone compatibility, and uses GPS for threat position detection.

escort-max-360-buy-on-amazonEscort Max 360 has a DSP which uses a microchip to recognize and prioritize radar bands automatically.  This is done purposely to ensure that you’re not affected by the random signals while driving. It uses GPS Powered Auto-Learn feature that detects false alerts. It has 360-degree protection and at the same time known as the best radar detector available in the market. The con for this device is the inability of the directional arrow to respond fast if there is a change in the radar source position. It doesn’t have a sharp display; yet, it still maintains its accuracy and known as the best escort radar detector available.

#2 Escort Passport Max2 Radar Detector

For everyone who wants to enjoy one of the best escort radar detectors, then Escort passport Max2 radar detector can fit your needs. The escort passport Max2 radar detector was known to maintain its top function as the best escort radar detector before launching Max360. The DSP technology in passport max2 enables it to detect signals quickly and accurately. It uses Bluetooth and can be connected to Escort live for displaying your location map using a marker for a red light and speed cameras. Escort Max2 can be used efficiently in other risky areas and locations with its excellent audible information delivery system.

Buy Escort Max II HD Radar Detector

Escort Max II HD Radar DetectorIt is a radar detector that uses GPS capabilities, great radar range, and excellent performance. The GPS helps in keeping the positions and track record of speed cameras and red-light in your location and also has an inbuilt DSP for quick signal locations. It comes with a multi-color OLED display making it a perfect choice for everyone. It gives you a record of your speed to know if you are moving too fast than the legal speed limit. 

Escort Max II Radar Detector uses three different modes which are highway mode, Auto mode, and Auto no X mode. Each of them has their different functions. With this device, you can easily adjust your speed.

The only issue with this radar device is that it has no directional arrows.

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#3 Escort RedLine Radar Detector

This detector tool can alert you to X, K, and Ka from about 15 miles away. It has the best radar range than other available radar detectors in the market and also uses Auto mode to detect available false alarm automatically. It has an updated Total Shield technology making the Redline being protected from RDD


escort-redline-radar-detector-reviewsEscort Redline doesn’t give an unnecessary headache to turn off it Auto mute functions and can reduce its alert volume and uses Smart Plug cord having about eight different features with the Mute and Auto mute modes included. In order to avoid unwanted legal fines and punishment from the law agencies, this radar detector is the best fit. It uses Escort Live App for providing real-time speed alert.

As a drawback, this device doesn’t have GPS capabilities at the same time, has low red-light camera protection. Alternatively, you can easily connect your Smartphone with Escort live App and then to the radar detector through the use of Bluetooth.

#4 Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector

This type of radar detector has a whole lot of capabilities to detect each band of police radar or law enforcement radar. It uses an excellent alert system and has a programmable GPS for detecting hidden speed cameras and traps on your way while driving. In short, it gives you good driving confidence. With the help of its GPS, the true Lock filter offers you the opportunity to design a false alert on the radar device manually. The device is sensitive to detect actual radar signal threat level and quickly alerts the driver to avoid any lawful ticket.

Escort Passport 9500IX Radar Detector

buy best radar detector nowIt is known as one of the smartest and best radar detectors in the market with its unique features which allows you to program the speed trap, red-light cameras, and speed cameras. In this radar detector device, the only drawback is that is doesn’t use Bluetooth and had no multi-color LED display at all.


If you wish to move beyond the designed speed limit without putting yourself in any legal fines and costly charges while you sit back and enjoy your driving, then you need to purchase a radar detector preferably Escort radar redactor. You can choose to purchase any of the radar detector reviews discussed in this Escort detector review as it will be a guide in getting the best radar detector that meets your interest and budget.

It is vital that these Escort radar detector reviews are kinda cheaper and has better features than most expensive radar detectors in the market.

We understand that choosing the best and efficient radar detector that can meet your budget at the same time give you’re a top-notch performance is never pretty easy, and this is the more reason why this radar detector reviews can be a handy guide to buying the best radar detector. Escort radar detector is the best radar detector device that is user-friendly and got you covered against any expensive fines and legal punishment for over speeding.


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